Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hiding in the Etsy Integrity Department

My Etsy shop was suspended and closed. I'm guessing that you're here because your shop was suspended or closed too. Like many of you, I also got vague reasons. I had over 500 likes and was featured in over 100 treasuries -- all of which were broken by no fault of the treasury creator, and ensuring their incomplete treasury didn't make it to the front page.

This is a list of the people who hide behind aliases at Etsy and shut your shop without warning or recourse after you've paid them 3% of gross plus listing and advertising fees and spent time building their community (because it turns out, it ain't yours).

The aliases of Elizabeth in the Integrity Department or Sara in the Integrity Department were made up by some MBA knucklehead who thought it would be a good idea to mask the identities of the people who adversely and unfairly affect your income with vague accusations that you're stealing from Etsy, or not making the stuff yourself. Open the emails from them again (if you can stand looking at them one more time) and look at the complete headers. You'll see that many different people respond to you under one alias. So, you think you're being heard, but you're really just being passed around like a buck.

We know from research that annonimous people behave badly so why does Etsy think that it's a good idea? I don't have an answer, but here is a list of the annonymous folks who hide in the Integrity Department at Etsy. Maybe they can answer your questions:

Kruti Patel Goyal, VP
Director of Marketplace Integrity, Trust & Safety at Etsy, Inc

Corinne Haxton Pavlovic
Senior Marketplace Integrity, Trust and Safety Specialist at Etsy, Inc

Julian Wong
Manager: Marketplace Integrity at Etsy, Inc

Nicole Grazioso
Marketplace Integrity Agent at Etsy, Inc

Katie Noonan
Marketplace Integrity Agent at Etsy, Inc

Sonia Kedzierski
Marketplace Integrity Agent at Etsy, Inc

Lauren Engelhardt
Policy Manager at Etsy, Inc


  1. Yes, my shop was just closed yesterday. No reason given, except a pink error message saying they were sending me a "confirmation email" to prove I was the real owner of the store. Checked my email... no "confirmation email" ever arrived from them. I was getting all the email copies of the Etsy messages from my BUYERS, though... which tells me Etsy never emailed me anything.

    So, here I am, with no store, no money coming in, all the hard work I put in listing items is for nothing, and I don't even know why.

    Guess that proves what an idiot I am for trusting a company that doesn't even have a PHONE NUMBER for customer service.

    1. I've been through this too. You think your store is yours but they can take it away without any reason or notice. They've become abusive and horrible to the crafters that built them.

  2. Just happened to me too! After I built a successful store, they shut me down without warning or explanation! My Etsy shop was my only source of income and I had tons of testimonials and 100% positive feedback plus 800 followers! Be warned and protect yourself! Don't ever rely on Etsy or anyone else for that matter 100% You can't trust them!!

    1. Sorry to hear this. Such a terrible feeling when you've built something special and your "partner" takes it away without any accountability. Amazing that Etsy is still behaving like this.